A behind the scenes look into the Bones North West Tour

Curren and I flew to Portland and hooked up with the Bones crew, the cast included Jake Duncombe, David Gravette, Taylor Bingaman, Ben Hatchell, Chad Bartie, Jimmy the Greek, Jaws, Kevin Kowalski Jarded Lucas and Bryce Knights. Here are some photos of the boys on Orcas Ilsand, Washington
Gravette's cacoon 

Beautiful Orcas Island Skate Park
The Boys fishing on Orcas Lake right in front of our camp

Tent with a view

A rare big foot sighting....No, just kidding, that's Chad Bartie mate!
Danm, skateboarding on tour ages people, Curren Caples riding dirty.
Need more proof, here's a once youthful David Gravette after  a long, hard week of work.

Mob boss Jared Lucas
Startled Spinkter team moment
Jaws airs over the Startled Spinkter crew

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